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Image by Ethan Hoover
Personal Branding Headshots, Boudoir, Business Corporate, Engagement, Couples, Maternity, Legacy, and Family Portraits.

SpiderMeka Portraits Tour: 2023

“Meka! I LOVE your work! I wish you were in my town!”

Well… now, I will be.


  • San Francisco, CA – May 1 to May 6

  • Sacramento, CA – May 7 to May 10

  • Portland, OR – May 11 to May 16

  • Seattle, WA – June 1 to June 6

  • San Diego, CA – July 6 to July 11

  • Playa Mujeres, MX – Aug 15 to Aug 22

  • Asheville, NC – Sep 7 to Sep 12

  • Denver, CO – Nov 17 to Nov 20

Personal Branding sessions.

Company branding/headshots days.

Group Portrait Events.

What if your online images had the power to stop people from scrolling and make them feel like you’re the ONLY one they want to give their business to?

What if instead of dreading the obligatory company headshot day, you and your team members could bond, laugh, and walk away with solid, consistent, creative, highly charismatic yet professional images that you might even purchase MORE of for personal use?

What if one single photo session could destroy every negative aspect you’ve ever had about being in front of a camera lens and FINALLY have pictures of yourself that you recognize, are in love with, and can’t wait to share? 

What if… these scenarios were not only possible, but an award-winning photographer whose message is transformation and impact brought these opportunities to your door?

Pictures of yourself that are STUNNING and recognizably YOU are not an impossible dream. It’s important, to say the least, to show up for your business… and ESPECIALLY for your own life.

The experience of working with Meka is a resulting shift in mindset and a lifetime of knowing that you CAN create photographs that look and feel the way you’ve always wanted and never dared to dream.

Details & Packages

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