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The Spider Story

When I was very young, I sat cross-legged in the grass of my parents’ backyard and watched a tiny spider weave its web in a slab of old wood. To this day, that patient creation remains one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen…


Sometimes this world feels big, and I feel like the tiny spider in it. The spider has become a representation of the focus and grace that one small entity can put into creating something awesome, gratifying and functional, no matter how big its surroundings. 


As an adult and a photographer, I embody the spider, making something beautiful that I hope others will pause to appreciate, like I did, many years ago.  


P.S., The day I decided I would keep my SpiderMeka name, I came home to find this tiny spider weaving its web in the breeze on my balcony and ran to film it. I like to think it was a solid affirmation that I had made a good choice.

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