“I always hate the way most pictures make me look, but I knew working with Meka would be lovely. From the second I stepped into the studio she put me at ease, and gave me mascara because I forgot to put some on that morning!


I felt confident. She had me feeling like I knew what I was doing, which is funny because I absolutely did not! I told her what look I was going for, and she helped me turn my chin and soften my eyebrows and all the little queues to help me look the way I feel. The pictures turned out stunning. They absolutely look like me and have that "I'm going to do amazing things, so don't even try to stop me, but you can join me if you like!" vibe.


Feeling so grateful for the photos, the joyful studio experience, and for Meka's warm, encouraging presence! Such a gift!”


Angela Lynn

Graphic Designer



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