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We are lifting our voices.

We are being heard.

We are being seen for our worth.

We are valuable.

We are writing history.

We are powerful.

We are women.





There is a vibrant energy in the air. An opening of opportunity and story-telling for powerful women, and those who identify as women. We are changing history – whether it's in leaps and bounds, or through acts barely known to a few. And we all hear it. We feel it. It's exciting. 


What's so beautiful about power is that it's found in amazingly different places. We're seeing it in presidential campaigns, corporate or entrepreneurial arenas, and humanitarian life-changers.  We see it in the eyes of survivors, the hands of hard workers, and the hearts of our loved ones.


We often make the mistake of thinking we need to be nationally recognized before we are really important, but that is a myth. My mission as a photographer continues to reveal that there is a power in all of us, and it's worth sharing.

So…this project is an invitation to be recognized and esteemed for everything that you are, right now. 

If the concept of "power" resonates with what you do, who you are, what you've created, what you've overcome, where you've been – or makes you think of someone else for this honor – I want to hear the story… and photograph that power.


Click the buttons below to read further details and submit yourself or someone you know for the “100 Portraits of Power” project: a compilation portrait book of 100 women and their stories of power.