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Portraits of Masculinity

My brand has a heavy focus on women because so many of us have a hard time accepting our individual “non-industry-standard” looks and believing there is an energy at the core of how we feel about ourselves that carries into everything we do. As nurturers of our communities, I ask the question: how can we cultivate love when we do not love who we are?

My style of photography centers on a window, where, for a timeless and frame-worthy moment, we see ourselves, we know ourselves, we embrace ourselves... fully.

Many men who hear my mission ask, “Will you photograph me?” The answer is always, “Yes,” and I do it with the same goal of stripping what we think others want to see to reveal our own truths.

An opportunity knocked for me to take a step further and create images that merged the masculine form with soft and fluid femininity. The effect was a story-telling of vulnerability and purity – bringing an awareness to the notion that men and women are not opposites on a spectrum, especially with self-image and confidence, but have each within the other.


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