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The SpiderMeka brand is about to go LIVE

It's finally here.

The SpiderMeka Photography Portfolio Party.

And you're invited.

If I'm not making waves, it's my fault for not paddling. I need a portfolio that represents the style of women's beauty portraits I want to cultivate going forward, so at this event, I will make that happen. I'm über excited.

SpiderMeka Photography

Portfolio Party Event

Sunday, Feb 21 – 10am to 4pm

I could only invite a select few to attend this incredible experience, but here's how you can participate and be there, too:

Mark your calendars. I need your help to stay online during the event to re-post, re-tweet, like, share, comment, everything! while this is happening LIVE so you, your friends, family, and co-workers can all be a part of this! I have a special gift for the top person who helps me re-post and promote what a fantastic time we're all having branding this movement. And here's a hint — it has to do with photos. Ha!

I've been so jazzed since the start of this year — yes, about my biz, but also about meeting new people and making new friends.

So, to my friends and family,...

I am deeply grateful for all the ways you surround me with love and support every day while I build this mission of mine. The immediate and enthusiastic response to help out with this party has been truly humbling and motivating. Please stay tuned for the unveiling of my natural beauty style of portraiture, and XOXO to all my loves, old and new!

See you in real time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram soon!

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