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Personal Branding Headshots, Boudoir, Business Corporate, Engagement, Couples, Maternity, Legacy, and Family Portraits.

The Spider Team

Meet the talented individuals of the SpiderMeka Portraits Team. 


Whether assisting you on-set for your special day, or curating the best moments for the world to see, our team will make your experience an unforgettable one.

“Spider” Meka Hemmons, Owner & Founder


My heart breaks when I hear us speak negatively about our natural features, or complain about those “extra” pounds. Our greatest service is to nurture the community – yet, we do so much for others that we forget to take care of ourselves, and when we do think of ourselves, we say too many things about how we’re not good enough, not fortunate enough, or not attractive enough. 


That self-deprecating conversation stops here.


I spent more than two decades making skin and bodies flawless for magazine spreads, eight of them as the premiere photo retoucher for Oprah and her A-list celebrity guests at the Oprah Winfrey Network and Harpo Studios, Inc. What did I learn? Natural beauty is far more appealing than a false sense of perfection.


I’ve built SMP by embracing lighting, posing, and encouragement to share the truth of how a combination of these three simple things is all that’s needed to bring out how uniquely breathtaking you are. I’m happy to breathe that truth into your Personal Branding and Portraits.


Photos of Meka by Taylor Imel



Paula Palmer - Photography Assistant

Photography & Design Assistant

How lucky am I that I get to experience the magic that happens every time Meka gets someone in front of her camera? The process is a sight to behold. Such warmth, intuition, creativity, connection and power. I learn something new (on many different levels) in each session.


As an ex-Graphic Designer and Art director, it’s a joy to be a part of this creative team, not only for my own artistic growth, but also to help create the space for others to transform before my very eyes. And the results are beautiful.


I love my job.


Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist

Previously working alongside Meka for almost 20 years in environs including Harpo Studios, Inc. and The Oprah Winfrey Network, we share an appreciation of natural beauty.  I heartily join her quest to celebrate the unique resplendence of each individual who passes through the doors of the Silk Studio.


I maintain and create graphics and edit images to support the SMP brand.  I feel at my best spinning webs in the background, with a purpose so subtle it often goes unnoticed, all to deliver end results you love.


Katie Lopes – Culture & Operations

Culture & Operations

Behind the Silk Studio curtains, I discovered my observational cultural lenses are my SUPERPOWER.

My lens constantly shifts between different perspectives, desired outcomes, & strategic planning. 

It is because of these shifts that I focus on building a sense of teams, a sense of community, & above all else a sense of trust.

We also work with hand-selected professional
Hair & Makeup Stylists, who come directly to our Silk Studio for your convenience.
Now that’s pampering.

Join us.

Want to weave magic from inside the Spider Web?

Visit our Talent Needs page to see if your skills are what we’re looking for.

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