A poet, a photographer, and a vulnerable woman 

desiring to showcase her strengths walk into a studio…

The poet says, “I want to write about the body.”
The photographer says, “I want to photograph skin.”
The woman asks, “Will you both tell my story?”

The Skin & Poems art exhibition unfolded more beautifully than we ever imagined. Much love and support filled the room… we received help and donations from all corners… and the message of our collaboration was felt by all. 


Meka of SpiderMeka Photography and cin of Poemgrown thank you all for your presence and your motivation.

Some of you have asked if there will be another chance to see the exhibit. The answer is YES! SpiderMeka Photography's Silk Studio – 4311 N Ravenswood – will be open to the public on September 14th and 15h from 11am to 6pm for the Ravenswood Art Walk. Please come by to view Skin & Poems, and other works.


Some have also asked about the availability of the Skin & Poems compilation book. It is not too late to purchase this collection of behind-the-scenes, final art, and fun gems for yourself or as a gift. Click HERE to make a donation/purchase and it will be shipped to you:

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