I came across this article/info graphic the other day, and found myself throwing loud, congregational, "Mm-hmmm's!" "Yeah's!" and "Amen's!" into an empty room. Then I thought... People should KNOW these truths...

So, now I happily copy and paste this beautiful and simple graphic to you, my loves. It summarizes the very points that you've heard me say about why prints are such an important pa...

A while ago I posted some tips for women on how to dress for business headshots. I got lots of “thank-you’s” from the ladies, but I haven't forgotten about my fellas! Especially since I hear just as many concerns from you guys about upping your head-to-toe game while still maintaining a level of comfort. So here it is, your SpiderMeka go-to guide in finding your best form for the professional worl...

If you've ever asked yourself, "What do I want to do more than anything else?" then felt a little disheartened about not solving such a question right away, I hope this article can ease any self-frustration, and helps guide you closer toward creating an answer.   

Lately, anyone who asks me how I'm doing gets to watch my eyes get big and hear me say, "I feel trans...

Maybe your current headshot is an old photo, maybe it's a selfie, or maybe you're still sporting an empty generic grey box. Either way, if you don't love your headshots, they aren't helping you make the best impression you can for your business. So how do you step up your image?


First, acknowledge you need a new headshot.


Second, make time to sit with a photographer. And not just any photogra...

It's finally here.

The SpiderMeka Photography Portfolio Party.

And you're invited.


If I'm not making waves, it's my fault for not paddling. I need a portfolio that represents the style of women's beauty portraits I want to cultivate going forward, so at this event, I will make that happen. I'm über excited. 


SpiderMeka Photography

Portfolio Party Event

Sunday, Feb 21 – 10am to 4pm


I could only in...

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