If you want to be hired, promoted or taken seriously, you're cutting yourself off from sales and opportunity if your profile photo is any of the following…

Do you hold yourself back?

I've been fighting with myself. I recently made a huge leap of faith that only a small group of friends knew about, but I didn't feel it necessary to announce to the world yet. Even though what I did fills me with optimism and excitement and logistically should be promoted… I decided it best not to share this information right away. I should wait. Wait for what? Wait for...

Had a look at the forecast today and it looks like March is going out like a lamb. I confess, I'm not sad about that AT ALL. I've already started saving new summer cocktail recipes to my Pinterest page. My only regret is that one more winter has passed and elements still haven't aligned so that I produce a goth/black fashion/beauty photoshoot in the snow. Oh, well. Always have something to look fo...

I'm sitting in a large plush chair in a place where I love to photograph. A cup of hot herbal tea beside me. Feet up on a cozy ottoman. Behind me, a snazzy playlist wafts from phone speakers belonging to a new friend who, amazingly, has both a similar taste in music as I do AND similar career goals. I've gotta be one of the most lucky people I know right now.

Of course this...

Happy New Year, my lovelies. 

Nothing like a page turn of the calendar to make us pause and reflect on moments when we excelled or we came up short, the ups, the downs, the forgotten, and the yet-to-be-done of an entire year gone by.

Why do so many of us put importance on assessing our performances? I think it's because it keeps us feeling alive. It's nice to have intentional, positive rea...

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