“I was born to be this woman, singing in my skin.” –cin salach

Every body has a story to tell… sometimes it’s a story we’ve been afraid to look at… sometimes a story of a transformation we want to honor… sometimes we just need a way to listen to what our skin is saying.

To speak these stories, we need a way to see ourselves without all of the layers and barriers that have risen up over our lives.

Welcome to the Skin & Poems Solo Session. A safe haven of collaboration that is photographer SpiderMeka and poet cin salach.

Your solo session begins with a simple interview to begin hearing the story of your body, then continues with a personal photography session at The Silk Studio that takes place while your personal poem is being written live.

Clothed, unclothed, the only requirement is to come ready to step into the soul of your skin….

The Skin & Poems Solo packages:

  • Your session resulting in your portrait and poem inside an 8x10-inch folio: $500

  • Your session resulting in your portrait and poem mounted together in an 12x18-inch frame for your wall: $725

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