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Dark Days

October 2, 2014

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is driving (or biking) along Lake Michigan in the early morning on my way to work. Not surprising, I know... but it is A-MAZING how not a single sky above that water is the same from day to day. And by default, neither is the color of the water. I wish I had a few photos to post of some of the gorgeous lake/sky views I've seen this summer, but I don't. ALERT: It is dangerous to snap photos and try to drive at the same time. But I have one today. Never mind how I got it. 


I was enticed to take pics of the morning today because... well, look at it! It was so dark, the streetlights were still on! There's no looming storm, no out-of-the-ordinary clouds... it's just the inevitable – the sun hasn't come up yet; the days are getting noticeably shorter. 


Usually, this part of the turning season gets me down every year. I was born in mid August – I thrive off of sunshine. My family teased me often in my youth, saying I was a vampire because I rarely turned on any lights in the house. I just preferred natural light. My body's reaction to the looming plunge into dark months ahead is the dreaded Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Yep, I get it. It's dark when I leave for work. I work long hours in a room without windows. The sun has already set when I leave work. Sadness ensues.


This year, instead of dread, I've decided to feel hopeful. Hope is a strange alternative. Hope is the opposite of depression. The key to overcoming depression is having something to hope for. I hope for sunny days, yes, but I have my camera now. I hope for more photo shoots. I hope for pictures that freeze moments and moods that aren't found on sunny days. I hope for desaturated glamour poses of old friends and new clients. I hope for frames of snowflakes on my nieces' eyelashes. I hope these upcoming darker, shorter days turn into the best short, dark days of my photo-making yet.


Image: Oct 2 Lake Michigan ©SpiderMeka Photography

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