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October Thrills

October 1, 2014


Image: Rubio Woods Bike Trail. ©SpiderMeka Photography 2012.


'Tis October. I've been out of high school for... a while... still, I get those tinglings down my back when the weather changes this time of year. Noticing not just the turning of the leaves and the chill in the air, but also the energy that snaps everyone out of that late summer lull – all of it makes me want to shop for new things – it used to be clothes to impress my friends, backpacks for my heavy books, and sturdy boots that would last through the school year. Now, I want clothes comfortable enough to bend and move while taking photos, backpacks to hold my camera gear, and fashionable boots. Yeah... not much has changed!


I'm not techically in school anymore (LIFE continues to teach, but I'll save those thoughts for other posts someday...), but I've been indulging in online classrooms and videos, learning from professional photographers who have hearts so big and careers so fruitful that they have taken time to share their wisdom with myself and others wanting to grow in this shared passion. I'm absolutely loving it.


I've learned much in the last few months, and I am incredibly eager to shoot more and practice new techniques. Since I've made the choice to seriously pursue photography, portraiture in particular, it's all I can think about. Every new photoshoot I schedule, I dream about. I find inspiration in mundane daily activities:


These scrambled eggs look stunning in this morning light... should I shoot her lovely face in this early natural light, maybe with some oregano... I mean... grass around her? I'm glad I found this new neighborhood coffee shop... the pond and bridge in back of it could be a great new location. Which lens and mood shall I use for Adam's grampa? The 50mm, of course, in black and white. The results will be intimate, like the honesty he just shared with me.  


I've got a meet and greet event soon that is sure to be fun and beneficial. I have two upcoming shoots later this month that just may be the most fun yet, which says a lot, because I've been having a blast. The thrill continues! I haven't been this excited about anything in years! This feels so great. It's better than every first day of school I've had combined.  



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