• SpiderMeka

Trial Month?

I'm sitting in a large plush chair in a place where I love to photograph. A cup of hot herbal tea beside me. Feet up on a cozy ottoman. Behind me, a snazzy playlist wafts from phone speakers belonging to a new friend who, amazingly, has both a similar taste in music as I do AND similar career goals. I've gotta be one of the most lucky people I know right now.

Of course this feeling comes here and now on the first day of February. Not January. January brought a record-breaking string of sub-zero temperatures and somber skies to us Chicagoans suffering from winter depression. Fun! Oh, and we had two full moons in the same month. Cuz one night of unexplainable crazy isn't enough. Not to mention I caught that horrible flu that's going around closing schools and killing people. So that was two more weeks of fever and hacking lungs... all of which did not equal to much productivity. And our political climate. Yeah.

I can forgive January. I haven't found a lesson in almost an entire month being difficult to get through, but I forgive it. I hope, dear readers, that you escaped lingering illness, seasonal sadness, and the wrath of our celestial skies. I hope that you felt warm, healthy and inspired, like a great start of the year should be. And with returned health and a fresh outlook, I begin my true new year with gratitude. I am grateful for those few days last month where I had photo sessions and remembered what I have to look forward to.

That being said...

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