• Meka

One Classy Lady

"Red" makes the fifth installment of the Fem-Florals. Just before this shoot, I'd already photographed four ladies, and per usual, the first people to ever see and lovingly comment on any artist's work is family. This is my big sister to the left. She'd seen the other FF portraits, and with a smile, she told me she wanted in.

Of course I had to give her "red." The rose. The most elegant of flowers. Out of six sisters in my immediate family – no brothers – Tammy is the first, and as such, of her own charisma, embodies effortless propriety and example. In other words, she's one classy lady.

I like to note how much I learn each shoot. Besides really needing an assistant to keep things from crashing to the floor every time I turn, Tammy's shoot helped me stretch my light play horizons... and pay much more attention to highlights and contrast. I don't need an 8-foot octobox... I don't need an 8-foot octobox... I just need to slow down and shape the light around my beauties. I liked how this uplighting framed her features.

I mentioned before that it's crazy fun for me to invite someone in to photograph, and have them trust me completely with styling. Over and over again I get to play with these human dolls, and I love it almost as much as seeing the shot come together in the camera. Anyone who knows Tammy knows that she is queen of modesty. I can't tell you how great it is to have this particular photo of her immortalized... and she's still classy.

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