• Meka

The Plight of Artists...

...is that we keep changing our minds. It's sooo funny to think we've settled on one idea, or that we've completed the "final" version. It's only when we get to "final version 7.1 revision 4_C" that we're actually satisfied and feel like the look is what we want.

With the Fem-Floral series, I had an original idea: to merge women with flowers in some larger-than-life way. I've done my fourth photo-shoot of the series. Four ladies done. That means I've executed almost 30 distinct poses and ideas for a series that I "originally" said I'd only choose ten images for. Ten. And I've shot 30. AND I still have five women to shoot. And possibly a man.

I fully realize that I'm only taking such liberties because I'm free to do so. I have no deadline, just my eager joy keeping me sprinting toward planning the next step. I LOVE this. And I'm starting to understand things about myself...

I recognize that I'm perfectly fine with my objective continually evolving. The images being produced are unquestionably the best photographs I've ever taken. When it came time to open Photoshop and play with the concept of merging real flowers in a fantasy-like setting with these already beautiful shots... I almost felt like I didn't want to. What?? Why?? How??

How is it that the retouch expert doesn't want to composite? It's because I've been there. Done that. For so long. I love doing it. But for the first time, I'm producing the images myself. For the first time, I have my own space to invite models in, style the set, take my time to connect with lighting. It's exhilarating. And as I'm working on these, I'm feeling like adding elements is forced. I feel like I'm taking a step backwards... reverting to habits that I don't need to be confined to anymore. For the first time... I'm getting it right in the camera!

So, it's time to revise my statement. Fem-Florals is no longer about a graceful surrealism. Fem-Florals has simplified itself, and in doing so, has become an even greater series representing beauty and form – the beauty of the process, as well as the result.


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