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Fem-Florals: An enchanting lady

I circulated an invitation for models to volunteer to pose for me for this shoot. But I didn't want people who model as a profession. I made it clear that I wanted anyone who wanted to be surrounded in flowers. Anyone who wanted to spend some fun time playing dress up and trusting me to make their images magical. I got some lovely phone calls.

The lady to the left called. She said she was interested and asked for details about my vision. To hear her excited and eager reaction over the phone as I talked made me so happy. I was thrilled that someone who I don't see everyday connected with what I wanted to do with such amazing gusto.

She sent me dress choices... She focused on her part in styling... She did her own makeup. She loved that I glued real flowers to her face. She couldn't wait to pin that headpiece on... and didn't want to take it off! How could I have asked for a better model experience in my first studio shoot for this first set of the series!

Time flew as we shot and chatted and talked about life and blessings and what would happen with the pictures I took of her. She smiled the entire time, and above all else... her face when I showed her the back of the camera to preview a few shots of herself... I can only hope that every other person that walks in front of my camera to trust their visage to me feels the same way. Beautiful. Uplifted. Vibrant. Loved. Important.

This lady set the scene for the upcoming shoots I've planned for this floral series. Thank you, Saran, for volunteering your beautiful soul and your gorgeous image to help me make some art.

This piece is titled, "Noble," for she reminds me of royalty.

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