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Fem-Florals: A returning delight

It is a comforting thought to know that I have friends in my corner. Genuine, uniquely gifted darlings, who will always let me know (gently) when I'm going off on a crazy tangent... or to let me know that yes, the stars are aligning, and I should keep moving forward.

The lovely being to the left is Krista. She is such a friend. She happily volunteered to be a model for me and help me out "whenever I need." I'm very glad she was available this time around.

I don't think Krista even realizes how much natural light loves her face. Of course her shoot was going to go in the soft as a petal direction.

Planning for this look (particularly the lash petals) started over a month in advance. Visiting family out of state over Easter holidays, I took advantage of the opportunity to "recieve as a donation" a few of thier fully bloomed daisies decorating the house in glass vases. They had no idea this was my plan for the petals I lovingly pressed one by one.in pages of my photography journal to transport back home... and my model happily complied to work with them. It's always happy when everything works out that way.

This "Yellow" segment of Fem-Florals really made me focus on creating a specific feel and mood. It was also the first time I was able to work fully with the natural light streaming inside my studio space. I'm persoanlly excited to continue experimenting with the sun as it passes over my one window. I'm just happy to be in the sunlight at all! To do this shoot in bright sunny "yellow" seemed most appropriate.

This piece is titled, "Coy Daisy." Her expression and willingness to be turned into delicate art is priceless.

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