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And now, LIVE from the STUDIO, it’s...

...SpiderMeka STUDIOS!

(and every day of the week! not just Saturday night!)

The wonderful thing about working for yourself is the ability to do whatever you want with your own space.

I loved performing the skills I was employed to do in the last eight+ years I worked for Harpo Studios. Though, I can't pretend that I enjoyed the unfortunate circumstance of having to work in a dim, cold, dusty room for the entire time. Yeah, admittedly, there were times – after long hours, hunger pangs, and not knowing what the weather was like – where it felt like a cave.

One of my first goals after breaking out full time as a photorgrapher was to FINALLY have a space – WITH WINDOWS!!!!!!! – to call my own, decorate and equip as I saw fit... and, dang it, enjoy some sunlight! No more cave labour!

Sunlight, and light in general, is a pretty amazing this to be around... especially when one is a natural light photographer. So, painting my room white and hanging up lots of billowy diffusers has also made things a lot brighter and easier to shoot in.

With everything being new here (it's only been 10 weeks since my official declaration of independence), I'm still working out some techniques and details to make the place even more comfortable and functional. I'm loving every day of it. It's amazing how much more alive I feel.

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