• Meka

Live and Learn

My last post – again... so many months ago – was full of excitement. Elation. Over having acquired a new studio space. Over having built up some confidence in my new endeavors. Over having some artwork displayed fresh out of the gate!


That last bit didn't turn out so well. I will skip the ominous details and get straight to the point of this writing, which is to say I have no bitter feelings that my "Here Lies Beauty. / Here Beauty Lies." piece (shown above) was not hung properly, had missing elements, not the least of which was THE ENTIRE EIGHTH PRINT of the eight-print composition, and was taken down the very next day after the opening "pizza party"... even though the verbal agreement with [that restaurant] gave my artwork six entire weeks to be displayed on its walls. And all this went down without any regard to what me, the artist, might think of these actions.

No... wait... I am bitter. I think I should be. Any artist who values their work would be upset if it was mishandled. What would Picasso say if the Museum of the Art Institute in Chicago suddenly had a hankering to cut off the foot of The Old Guitarist?

It's been a couple of months, and I still don't really know why all that... mess... happened. I just know it won't happen again.

I've always been a quick study. It should come as no surprise that after this event, the value of written contracts, direct communication with people actually in charge, and being present during future handling of my art is now more important than ever. I can't say how many times I uttered the words, "I trust you," during the almost six weeks it took to meet and organize [that restaurant's] viewing. I can tell you that those words will never come out of my mouth again. I'm not saying I'll never trust anyone with my work again. I'm saying I know better than to say it out loud without the recipient having at least earned that trust first.

Lesson learned.

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