• Meka

Let the show begin!

I've been amiss in keeping up with blogging for a few months. Everyone knows it's hard to write and create when you're not feeling creative. I had a couple of photo-shoots that did not go ideally, according to my opinions of ideal, and it hurt. It set me back. I felt like I couldn't produce until I solved the problems keeping me from what I wanted.

I wanted a studio space so badly, that I stopped scheduling sessions. I wanted a stronger portfolio – one that more immediately showed the kind of portraiture I was anxious to do more of. In short, I fell into making those same excuses that make me feel like not doing anything. If I don't have this, I can't do that.

We've all heard the wisdom that the only way to become more active is to act. We'll, it's true. After weeks of moping around, I made myself get back into my studies and design some marketing and knock of tiny things on my to-do list. Now it's March – everything gets better as the weather gets warmer! – and I'm officially out of my rut. Oh, and I also have a new studio space... which means now I can build my portfoilio and shoot/gift clients the way I want. Don't we love it when things works out?

In the midst of all that, an opportunity opened up for me to publicly display an art piece. I'm very happy about that, since I made a goal for this year to work toward an entire gallery show. This is a first step, and I'm grateful to my friends who are amzaing at getting good, talented souls together to make wonderful things happen.

I'm happy to share my aesthetic. I'm happy that the people I share with understand my views... and even more... like them. From March 11 to April 19, I'll have a portrait display on a wall at The Boiler Room – 2210 N California Ave., in Chicago's Logan Square. Thanks to the non-profit group, I Am Logan Square, for having an interest in my work and expression. I love feeling like this photography thing I do is moving forward. Let the show begin. Contemporary Glamour Portrait Photographer coming to a photo-shoot near you.

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