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SMP’s new Dating / Essence Package is designed to elevate how you choose to present yourself and your image online. Whether your goal is to find strong companionship with an online dating profile, or treat yourself (and others) with an awe-inspiring set of the subtle sides of who you are, this package will allow you to do it with a style and sophistication that distinguishes you from the swarm of selfies others are scrolling through.


Let’s face it – it’s difficult enough to show someone else who you really are with one photo. Now you’ll have five that do it for you easily.

Includes 5 curated photographic styles that individually highlight a different facet of your personality… and together create the WOW factor of who you are.

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A great smile makes a great first impression.

Swipe, scroll, click, yawn… WHOA!

In an endless sea of uncertainty, make sure your face is the confident, comfortable, and radiant one that draws in your audience. 


Give them a reason to stop and wonder. Intrigue is a powerful asset.

Dating sites operate with a similar algorithm as other social media sites, like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. The more you post, the more you are seen. And being seen in this kind of light is impressive.


The coffee shop, casual wanderer… the whimsical, fun, observant you…

Lifestyle and editorial photography is a great way to simply do what you do – while a camera just happens to be there, framing your flattering movements.  


Tip: Posting new images of yourself in a slow, considered manner can be a workable strategy to get more notice. Get plenty of notice with incredibly casual, yet striking imagery.

Night Out

As long as you got your suit and tie… or whatever is your signature look for a night out with friends or your date… you’ll be showing us a few things about you.

Your quality photos will dictate the quality of those who swipe. If your desire is to be matched with someone with high regard for themselves, the best message is to set the bar with your own self worth and value… and minimize the swipes that don’t work for you.


That fun, sexy, coy, shy, bold, playful, light-hearted, flirtatious side of you that you can’t wait to bring out? Bring it out now. Your choice of going shirtless with a pair of awesome jeans, or a tee and boxer briefs.

Go ahead. Put it out there. Whatever form “sexy” takes for you, let’s have some fun owning it. Ditch the work clothes and stuffy persona and let your natural beautiful self breathe. If you have ANY fears at all doing this part… we’ll talk about it and make sure that what we do works for YOU.

You’ve already made the choice of stepping forward to make something grand happen in your life. Now level it up and do it right to ensure that the message you’re giving yields the results you truly want. Take some time to invest in your impression so that you’re not sifting through responses that are a waste of your time. Attract the audience you’re looking for by first looking YOUR best.

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